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88.blocklist.zap blacklist check

As explain there, 88.blocklist.zap is Microsoft maintained black-list.

Because of its operating mode, this blacklist can’t be monitored from common online tools like MXToolbox.

However, there is a Microsoft live online tool to query status of your IP, and may be used to follow blacklist IP status, as other anti-spam and antivirus tools implemented on Microsoft online applications.

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Today I try to setup a DRBD mirror using a hard drive partition. My goal is to setup LVM over this DRBD device.

I’m running a Debian Wheezy, but it’s not so important in this case.

All works fine using DRBD documentation, which is very clear to setup this.
Except that I don’t use a logical volume as backing device for DRBD, but a simple disk partition (/dev/sda5 on my setup). And want to create a volume group using the DRBD device.

My problem becomes when I reboot…
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