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Lejos: configuring hidden wifi access manualy

I bought Lego EV3, and plan to use Lejos project.

I follow the very good Getting started with leJOS EV3 howto to create SD card, configure eclipse and so on.

But it’s very boring to turn off EV3, copy program to SD card, then restart EV3 to run it.

As explain in Creating a bootable SD card howto section, using a wifi dongle improve greatly those steps.

However, setup wifi connection using EV3 is really annoying, especially if you use a complex PSK, and impossible if you use hidden SSID.

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88.blocklist.zap blacklist check

As explain there, 88.blocklist.zap is Microsoft maintained black-list.

Because of its operating mode, this blacklist can’t be monitored from common online tools like MXToolbox.

However, there is a Microsoft live online tool to query status of your IP, and may be used to follow blacklist IP status, as other anti-spam and antivirus tools implemented on Microsoft online applications.

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Today I try to setup a DRBD mirror using a hard drive partition. My goal is to setup LVM over this DRBD device.

I’m running a Debian Wheezy, but it’s not so important in this case.

All works fine using DRBD documentation, which is very clear to setup this.
Except that I don’t use a logical volume as backing device for DRBD, but a simple disk partition (/dev/sda5 on my setup). And want to create a volume group using the DRBD device.

My problem becomes when I reboot…
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