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BlueMind 3.5.0 is out !


BlueMind 3.5.0 is available for download.

Lots of significants changes was done on software architecture, but this version got new features too.

Hope you enjoy this new version as much as I’m pleased to work on it !

Lenovo T420s upgrade

My Laptop is a Lenovo T420s with 8Gb RAM and a 7400 rpm SATA disk.

I’m using lots of virtuals machines, especialy for BlueMind development and clients projects, and sometimes my laptop is overloaded.
There is mainly 2 bottleneck:

  • SATA disk IO/s
  • swap operations, which increase SATA disk IO/s

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Blue Mind introduction

Since one year now, I’m working on a great project named Blue Mind.

This is a professional groupware including mail, contact and calendar using new web technologies, off-line mode, mobile device synchronization and lots more stuff.

We want to offer a powerful but user and administrator friendly software.

A new attractive adventure !

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