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BlueMind 3.5.0 is out !


BlueMind 3.5.0 is available for download.

Lots of significants changes was done on software architecture, but this version got new features too.

Hope you enjoy this new version as much as I’m pleased to work on it !

Ready for OnePlus 2 launch event

OnePlus Cardboard received this morning !

OnePlus Cardboard

Ready for the July 27th, 2015 !

Par principe…


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Mon passage à Free mobile

Suite à l’arrivée du 4° opérateur mobile français, et aux forfaits proposés, j’ai pris la décision de migrer vers l’offre abonnés freebox à 15,99€ par mois.

Et ça y est, c’est fait depuis hier après-midi. J’ai décidé d’écrire ce post uniquement pour faire un retour sur le déroulement de la migration.

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Enjoy Plomino in the cloud

Juste a little post to announce Plomino in the cloud openning !

You can get a personal plone instance for free and instantaneously, including 5 support tickets !

Support and services are offered by Makina-Corpus, where the Plomino manager Éric Brehault is working.

Success to Plomino in the cloud !

Beginning of my new job

I take my new position at Makina-Corpus, in Toulouse, FR, since monday 17 january, as system administrator and integrator.

I met ex-collaegue Estelle Martinez from Aliasource, and hope to work as much as possible with another ex-collaegue Sylvain Garcia from Linagora as we share our offices.

Makina-Corpus is an open source compagny. I join a nice and motivate team, everything is to enjoy my new position.

Cyrus IMAPd debian maintainer

I join the official Debian Cyrus IMAPd packaging team.

As I said before, I want a newest Cyrus IMAPd for next stable release as soon as possible. Since I’ve some free time currently, I’m working to fix some packaging mistakes and testing migrations from previous Lenny and Squeeze versions.

My current work is hosted on my GitHub repository. Default branch is a simple fork of official Debian Cyrus IMAPd git repository with my own fixes, used only before sending a pull request or pushing into official reposirtory.
Others branches are advanced tests on new features, strong changes…

All my GitHub work is free, but it’s not the official Debian Cyrus IMAPd repository (it’s there). You can use it and, of course, tell me about issues. But don’t forget: USE AT YOU OWN RISKS !

Linagora GSO collaboration ending

After 11 years, I left my current position at Linagora GSO, ex Aliasource, on tuesday 14, december 2010.

During my 11 years as an OBM core team developer, architect and project manager, I had to work on great projects, met lot of very interesting people. It was a very rewarding experience, and I want to thanks all people I met during this job.

But recently, some decisions, changes led me to wonder about company values…
I really hope that OBM project will be improved and stay free. I will continu to follow it, and contribute if possible. For now, I’m confused.

Whatever, I begin a “new life”, as free and as rewarding than the first.

Squeeze migration

Migrating to Debian Squeeze on ChezOuam host done.

Last week-end, after consulting the Debian release-critical status pages and checking that there is no critical bugs with needed main services, I decide to migrate my web server to Squeeze.

This migration need ~5 hours (including download). No real problem were encountered.
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WordPress upgrade

As you can see, my blog is running WordPress 3.0 now !

2 days ago, my blog was based on wordpress 2.5.1. I upgraded it to 2.9.2 yesterday, and today 3.0 is out. Upgrade is so simple (I don’t use plugins for now !) that I upgrade to this new version immediatly.

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