Samsung SCX-4200 Linux drivers

This multi-function monochrome laser printer was bougth with Linux driver for printer and scanner.

As I use Debian/GNU Linux distribution, which isn’t an official supported distribution (RH, suze and mandriva I guess) and I want to install this with package, not with the crappy install shell script (IMHO install shell script is always crappy. It’s better to give a very simple distribution package, which include an setup shell script to complete settings, than a tgz with a big install script which will be hard to maintain. Crappy don’t mean that it doesn’t work…), I’ve done Debian packages for i386 and amd64 architectures.

This package install printer and scanner drivers. See ‘/usr/share/doc/samsung-sxc-4200-all/INSTALL’ on how to configure printer with Cups.

Tested on : Debian i386 Lenny, Debian amd64 Sid.

For now, there is no repositories/bug tracker for this, tell me if it don’t work for you, or if it works on non listed distribution version.

Last thing, my work is free (GPL 3) but it seems that some drivers library aren’t. Don’t know the real licence (don’t found on Samsung original archive), but there isn’t source code at least. Packaging is free, content not sure…