Squeeze migration

Migrating to Debian Squeeze on ChezOuam host done.

Last week-end, after consulting the Debian release-critical status pages and checking that there is no critical bugs with needed main services, I decide to migrate my web server to Squeeze.

This migration need ~5 hours (including download). No real problem were encountered.

Needed services were mainly web services (LAMP), Postfis, Cyrus, openLDAP, DHCP and Linux software RAID.

RAID need to be reconfigure, mainly because of sad initial configuration. Some of disks devices name used by RAID arrays changed (/dev/hd? becomes /dev/sd?). Updating /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf before the first reboot and rock’n roll’ !
Always refer disks or patitions using their UUID or ‘/dev/disk/*’ during system configuration…
Note that ‘/’ mount point isn’t in the RAID array, otherwise I think that I must update initrd before reboot too. (?)

Cyrus 2.2 change internal databases format because of using a more recent Berkeley database version (v4.7). This is the more boring task : convert all ‘seen’ files ! I don’t have so much mailboxes, so this is not really a problem to me, but think about it on large mail server upgrade ! Scripting, backup, outage… Need to be consider when planning this.

All web applications installed were ready to new LAMP versions before upgrade. I just need to adapt some Apache httpd virtual-hosts configurations (yes, cleanning them too).

At the end, migrating from Debian Lenny to Squeeze is simple but need technical knowledge – yes, you must know/understand what you do… Personally I like that !