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Enjoy Plomino in the cloud

Juste a little post to announce Plomino in the cloud openning !

You can get a personal plone instance for free and instantaneously, including 5 support tickets !

Support and services are offered by Makina-Corpus, where the Plomino manager Éric Brehault is working.

Success to Plomino in the cloud !

Squeeze migration

Migrating to Debian Squeeze on ChezOuam host done.

Last week-end, after consulting the Debian release-critical status pages and checking that there is no critical bugs with needed main services, I decide to migrate my web server to Squeeze.

This migration need ~5 hours (including download). No real problem were encountered.
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ChezOuam debian mirror

I added debian mirror service on ChezOuam network.

You will find on it all sort of packages that I create/modify some of them are very specifics, others are tests/changes that I done on third part software/package.

I put them on this mirror mainly because of :

  • don’t install anything without a package on my computers
  • development purposes (ie: using to test changes done on third part packages)
  • waiting for a better place

More informations there.

Dokuwiki update

It’s never too late. Today, the wiki part of ChezOuam website was updated to the latest version of Dokuwiki.

After a long time of [poor |in]activity, ChezOuam website is ready for heavy use !

WordPress upgrade

As you can see, my blog is running WordPress 3.0 now !

2 days ago, my blog was based on wordpress 2.5.1. I upgraded it to 2.9.2 yesterday, and today 3.0 is out. Upgrade is so simple (I don’t use plugins for now !) that I upgrade to this new version immediatly.

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Service fail

hm, what’s it… Since my last Debian update (about 1 week), this site was out of order. I think this is the most unpercieved web site failure, but I be keen to write a post for history, and, I hope, don’t forget this dark chapter.
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