WordPress upgrade

As you can see, my blog is running WordPress 3.0 now !

2 days ago, my blog was based on wordpress 2.5.1. I upgraded it to 2.9.2 yesterday, and today 3.0 is out. Upgrade is so simple (I don’t use plugins for now !) that I upgrade to this new version immediatly.

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Service fail

hm, what’s it… Since my last Debian update (about 1 week), this site was out of order. I think this is the most unpercieved web site failure, but I be keen to write a post for history, and, I hope, don’t forget this dark chapter.
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Samsung SCX-4200 Linux drivers

This multi-function monochrome laser printer was bougth with Linux driver for printer and scanner.

As I use Debian/GNU Linux distribution, which isn’t an official supported distribution (RH, suze and mandriva I guess) and I want to install this with package, not with the crappy install shell script Read more

OBM, Samba and windows 7

I’m trying the future new version of Windows.

As I’m working in a software engineering company developing OBM, I’m trying mainly compatibility.

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Bash: Mac address validation

Here is pure bash code to check MAC address syntax, inspired by IP validation code from cfajohnson :

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Free snif

Ce que vous voulez, quand vous voulez et où vous voulez, le i-Snif.

Ils sont fort…

très fort, mais pas trop en nouvelles technologies il semblerait. Après Mme Albanel, v’la Mr Lefèbvre.

Hmm… Que dire… Faute de mieux, ceci peut aider.

Space Invader 2009

Space Invader, revu et corrigé : Space Phallus.

Pause Kfé

et ses méfaits.

US Tatayé

Très bon mémoire d’un kamikaze mort.